Founder, Brenda Wilton knows personally the physical and emotional pain associated with dressing challenges. Four years in a corrective back brace significantly restricted her ability to dress due to limited clothing options and mobility. Years later, as a caregiver, Brenda experienced the daily struggle of caring for a family member for whom the activity of daily dressing was painful and stressful.

From these experiences, a relentless passion was ignited. Wilton sought to design an alternative to the bulky, uncomfortable and, in many cases, unattractive and ill-fitting clothing available to individuals being cared for at home or in medical care communities. The goal was to change the standard for what many refer to as “old people clothes” and create clothing that would enable people with physical constraints or health challenges to safely dress daily in clothing that provides independence, helping to maintain dignity – to encourage emotional and physical well-being for both the wearer and care provider.

Authored.® brings to the adaptive apparel market a line of classic clothing for those experiencing physical challenges with dressing. Authored garments are engineered to provide ease in dressing and undressing for both wearers and caregivers, with style, comfort and durability not offered by other apparel alternatives. We have reduced or eliminated irritating seams, used premium and durable fabrics and positioned closures to reduce discomfort while improving accessibility.

Authored adaptive clothing may allow care community residents to continue living in assisted living communities longer before transferring to skilled nursing environments. In addition, Authored is helpful to those who suffer from Parkinson’s, MS, ALS, Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Diabetes, the after-effects of Strokes, Dialysis and many other catastrophic diseases, injuries, and disabilities, in addition to the typical challenges of aging.


Why Authored Is Needed

Serving an under-served population because…


Getting Dressed Daily is Essential


Typical Clothing No Longer Works


Care Partner’s Caring Shouldn’t Hurt


Aging is a Life Experience

Not a Medical Condition

Clothing Must Fit

Both the Body and the Budget

Everyone's Story Deserves Dignity

…because we are the voice for the dressing challenged

Why Authored is Our Name

Over the years of developing this product and refining the brand, we’ve met countless people who have shared their stories with us.  Our lives are indeed like unique stories, written in a way that only we can tell.  There are many settings and characters.  Even plot twists and surprise endings.  What does the next chapter of your life hold?  Will you give Authored the privilege of being a part of your story?