Caregiver Dressing Challenges

Disruption of Activities of Daily Living (ADLs), embarrassment, physical and emotional unrest, social isolation, lack of joy in living — all can inhibit the daily task of getting someone dressed.

Of people with seriously degraded mobility…

stay inside their homes
often remain in bed
do not get dressed because of difficulty donning a shirt or pants
of those requiring toilet assistance have accidents or soil themselves

A Sobering Truth

At some point in life, you will either assist or be assisted with dressing. That is to say, every one of us will someday face a dressing challenge, or we will assist someone else with a dressing challenge.  Many of us assume our “someday” is far off, but life can often bring an unexpected turn.

Authored.® clothing solves dressing challenges, allowing individuals to look and feel like themselves again, making every day better for wearers and their caregivers!

Why Authored?

We’ve listened, heard and applied critical wisdom from years of testing and refining our products in the real world, within Continuous Care Retirement Communities and all other segments of the long-term care space. We incorporate uncompromised quality, safety, comfort, fit, function and style standards into every garmet we design.

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Timeless Style & Attractive Fit

Made from durable, comfortable fabrics

Uniquely Discreet Closure Openings

Maintain dignity while dressing

Safer Manipulation During Dressing

Ease of use encourages self-dressing

Wearers Look & Feel Well-Dressed

Encourages confident personal interactions

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