Alzheimer’s and How Our Special Needs Adult Clothing Can Help

Even just hearing the word Alzheimer’s conjures up raw emotion. It seems we all know someone battling this ferocious disease. Many of us give daily care for a loved one affected by Alzheimer’s or other dementia. Even the most mundane of daily activities are often met with resistance or confusion. Picture the daily dressing chore. Does the image in your mind look as simple and frustration-free as what you see in this video?

Dressing in the Authored.® Women’s Perfected Polo Dress is as simple as slipping in one arm, followed by the unbuttoned neckline over the head (even with glasses on!), and then sliding through the second arm. A quick stand allows the dress to fall below the hips, and all that is needed to finish dressing is an easy zip of each side zipper and closing of as many buttons as fits the occasion.

If you would like dressing your loved one to be this effortless, you owe it to yourself and your loved one to check out Authored.® today!

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